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Build your team…2018-style

Build your team…2018-style

Last time on the blog I wrote about how we are going from teambuilding to creative togetherness. And if you read the blog post and wondered what to do about your teambuilding activities – then look no further. Because this time I give you a few pointers on how to plan for your next teambuilding event.

What to do?
What do we do when we have learnt from the previous blogpost that we shouldn’t do teambuilding but being together while being creative?

As I see it, there are three main directions within the field that we should examine closer:

Gamification has become a buzz word during the past few years – and maybe it too will be as worn as teambuilding has become. None the less, it is still hot and there is still good reason in gamifying a meeting or conference. To start with; a quiz is a good way to kick off a group. This is where the diversity in the group and their diverse knowledge will show. Furthermore, gamification is a great way to combine new knowledge (this could easily be the company’s new strategy, mission statement, etc.) with social fun. A lot of the digital gamification solutions already out there provide for combining customized questions interactively with texts, sounds, videos and images. So, there are a lot of easy to implement options out there.

Cooking, cocktails or crafts classes
Denmark is known internationally for “hygge” (a mood of coziness and comfortable conviviality with feelings of wellness and contentment) – and good food and drinks are an inevitable part of hygge. So why not get together to celebrate hygge – and cook together. Or learn how to stir or shake the most delicious cocktails. This will add to the next TGIF or department social function. You can also find places where everyone can do crafts together. How about decorating china? This is bound to give a few laughs and something to talk about when everyone in the office has their own, homemade mug. Not least this will provide amble time for talking and sharing when occupied with painting. It will undoubtedly let you learn something new about your co-workers.

This may not yet be very established in Denmark. However, at the American conferences I have attended it has been an integral part of the program for each participant to take part in a charity project. This could be packing bags with soap, toothbrush etc. for the homeless or boxes with teddy bears, coloring books etc. for children’s hospitals. And yes, you can actually have some deep and fruitful group conversations when working together to pack bags and boxes. Additionally, I am certain that we in Denmark – as presence and reflection will play an even stronger role in our everyday lives (we’re already well on our way there) – will see more of this kind of activities playing a larger role in our events. Why not use a moment to be thankful for our own lives and possibilities and help those less fortunate!

There are definitely many more options out there. These are just a few directions in which you could take your teambuilding. Feel free to add your own input in the comment section below.

Have fun teambuilding :o)