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Change…it’s just a part of life!

Change…it’s just a part of life!

Do you know how things don’t always turn out the way you imagined? Well, that’s how it goes for me more times than often – and how it did in fact go this January.

I promised myself (and you, my dear reader) that I would post more often on my blog, but look how it turned out! No news from me for the last few weeks! But it’s all for a reason. Here goes:

First of all, I have been quite busy with a very innovative conference that took place on Wednesday. #tekdeb16, it was called (very short for technology debate conference 2016) – and it was a blast!

We wanted this event to be different from the perpetual PowerPoint presentations and bored attendees. So all of the speakers were invited to battle against another in various questions about the future of technology. They only got a few minutes to battle, and the rest of the time they walked the floor as human books for the participants to “look things up in”. And they were frequently used.

The participants were really enthusiastic about the theme and actively engaged in the dilemmas we presented them with. During the day, we polled several times to see if opinions had changed.

It was a few intense hours of debating, and the participants went home with food for thought…as well as stomachs full of the delicious food that the kitchen at the Danish Society of Engineers, IDA, dished up.

Besides being busy with #tekdeb16, I have also been busy entering a new era of my work life.

It has always been a dream of mine to combine my passions for communications and events, and now this dream has come true! I have joined forces with CF1701 as their Digital Communications Manager. I will work on promoting CF1701 by writing newsletters, where I introduce you to events, partners, and life in CF1701 in general – as well as blogging about our thoughts on how to enhance your meetings and events.

This means that I will not be as active here on in the future (so much for promising more frequent updates on this blog!), but you are more than welcome to follow my future endeavors and sign up for the newsletter at CF1701.

Once in a while I might be overly excited and post here as well, but it will be infrequently. Sorry guys!

I really look forward to continue writing about the one thing that really curls my toes: events!

See you at CF1701.