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Speaking at Convene 2019

Speaking at Convene 2019

In the middle of February 2019, I went to Vilnius, Lithuania, to give a presentation on how to transform your meeting design into experience design.

Experience design is not a new fancy word. It is merely a method to enhance the outcome you want from your event, and I dive into the phenomenon using the model I’ve developed, where you can lift your conference to new levels of experience, immersion and return on investment by implementing the five experience elements.

Turn your planning process upside down

Most event people begin the design process by looking at the logistics, which is a shame. If you look at the objectives for the meeting or event and then design the experience to support that objective, both you and your attendees will get so much more out of your meeting.

You are probably already doing a lot of things right – this model is just a tool to help you change your mindset about how to plan a meeting or event.

In the end it is not about beginning with the logistics…it is about taking a holistic look at your planning process in order to make sure your event changes behavior!

When you have decided upon the objective of your meeting or event, you use the five experience elements to design an experience that supports the objective…and only then do you look into the meeting design.

In my model meeting design is a support function. First you design the experience, then you look at the meeting design, which is: logistics, sustainability considerations, safety and security, bookings, negotiations etc.etc.

Take a look at the video below to see the presentation from Convene 2019.

Happy experience designing!