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Global Meetings Industry Day – You are invited!

Global Meetings Industry Day – You are invited!

I recently wrote a blog post about a multi-hub meeting I had, and next week I am having another one. And this time you are invited!

April 6 is the Global Meetings Industry Day (GMID) where meeting professionals gather for events all over the World to focus on what the meetings industry contributes to the business world. There will be conferences, receptions, lunches, and charity events, short press conferences and all-day meetings from North to South, from Panama to Canada to Croatia to Zambia and South Africa and all the way to Australia. It is going to be big!

In Denmark, we are meeting up at three different locations: Copenhagen, Aalborg, and Odense, and I will be co-hosting the event in Copenhagen together with the host, Hans Ravnkjær Larsen from Cheche.

We will have an all-day meeting, and during the day we will hear from experts on so many subjects: “Innovation in the meetings industry”, “Hybrid meetings in Helsinki”, and how to break Return on Meeting Investments into operational parts, just to name a few. There will be presentations from London, Helsinki, and the Netherlands, and of course from our location in Copenhagen.

I am over-excited about the day and simply cannot wait! The presentations are diverse and super interesting and really at the core of our business. And of course, there will be time to network and discuss among the participants. Check out our program on the MPI Denmark website (though it is in Danish, I am sure you will get the gist of it).

Are you excited too, but do not have the time to come to Copenhagen (where the BEST GMID event will be held…of course :o))? Then you can attend GMID events all over the world, and Meetings Mean Business have collected an overview of all the events that will take place. Thank you guys!

Happy Global Meetings Industry Day in advance…let us join forces on April 6.