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I’m special, you’re special – we’re all special

I’m special, you’re special – we’re all special

Honestly: How many meetings have you had in a standard meeting room with standard AV equipment and standard F & B? Many, if you are just a little bit ordinary.

But great experiences awaits those who use special venues for their meeting so in this blog post we are returning to the experience economy.

In the blog post ”Oplevelses…hvad for noget??” (sorry guys, it is in Danish :o/) I wrote about the four conditions you need to meet in order to create an ‘experience’:

  • you have to put all five senses into play
  • it is not just a question of entertainment – not just communication to a passive recipient
  • the participant has to be able to recount the event
  • it has to include a novelty or something unpredictable

And we particularly address the novelty or the unpredictable when we use special venues for our event.

In Copenhagen for example, it is possible to have your event at the Zoo. Here you can rent standard meeting rooms with all the trimmings within AV equipment…or you can have your event among elephants or polar bears. And I bet that the latter will make quite an impression.

Through the years I’ve visited a ‘meeting room’ in the woods and a ‘secret’ bunker which was decorated as an event space. And in the Danish city of Kolding it is possible to have your event among great works of art at the art museum Trapholt. Furthermore, you can find lots and lots of other museums, castles, theme parks, etc. etc. for your event. The sky is the limit!

Well, it might be a bit more expensive or a somewhat more difficult to use these venues as they might not have the AV equipment you are used to using or you might have to think of alternative setups but you will be rewarded accordingly when your delegates are thrilled and gain even more output from the meeting.

Just remember that the venue has to support the objectives of the event – so it is not just a question of finding an alternative venue.

Happy venue hunting!