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18 inspirational links for 2018

18 inspirational links for 2018

Tis the season…to look back and review the year. Did it turn out the way you wished on last December 31? Did you reach the goals you set out to reach? Did you follow your new year’s resolutions (ouch!)?

I have had a great 2017 meetings and events wise with lots of interesting people, fantastic events and new horizons – and I am looking forward to an equally exciting 2018.

What to look for in 2018

These days I also take the time to look for new inspiration on experience management, the future of meetings and presentation formats. If you are also on the lookout for new inspiration, I have gathered a short list of sources of inspiration for you:

  • This year I gave an Ignite presentation as well as facilitated a workshop on Mødeindustriens Dag (the Meetings Industry Day). Will you join me in 2018?
  • Are you on Twitter? If so, you should join me and all the other interesting people who chat about meetings and events each Monday night under #EventPlannersTalk. The chat is facilitated by The MICE Blog. Check out the site…it’s great!
  • Have you heard about The booking site where you can book all sorts of meeting rooms by the hour – some conventional, some more out of the ordinary. They have really proven their value this year and have won several prizes for their concept. I have met with them a few times over the year and have had the pleasure of writing a blogpost for them as well as being interviewed about good meetings.
  • If you are looking for inspiration for other angles of meetings and events than what I am sharing here on the blog, you should go to Here, you can read blogposts about personal development for meetings and events planners or facilitation of meetings. You can also find inspiration for the future of meetings, which is where I contribute.
  • How about expanding your industry network in the coming year? If that is what you are looking for, I suggest you join the worldwide network of MPI (Meeting Professionals International). In the Spring, I gave a presentation about experience management at one of the monthly meet-ups, and I have since joined the board of the Danish chapter as VP of Education. You are welcome to join us too.

In the making

Do I think 2018 will be a quiet year? NO! I have a lot of things going on and will design a lot of events in the coming year. Here is a selection of the bigger ones already in the making:

  • A conference about the Industry 4.0 paradigm for the Danish Society of Engineers – 1 day, 30 speakers and 400 participants who each tailor their own program for the day
  • Møde og Eventmessen (the Meetings and Events Fair) by Kursuslex, where MPI Denmark Chapter has a Learning Lounge with short, inspirational talks about safety, participant involvement, the future of meetings and much more
  • Danish Events and Meetings Award hosted by MPI Denmark Chapter – an industry celebration of outstanding achievements. It will be a blast! The event is still in the design phase, but you can read about last year’s event here.
  • A still secret project I am working on with Christine Hærslev – I promise I will tell you much more about it when we are ready to invite you to join us.

I wish you all a Happy New Year and a prosperous 2018 with lots of mind-blowing meetings and events reaching the objectives set by you and your delegates and planned in the spirit of experience management and the future of meetings.

See you on the other side!