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Making a list and checking it twice

Making a list and checking it twice

No, I have not mistaken May for December, nor have I lost a few marbles…although things are quite hectic around here, so who knows if a marble or two will be lost along the way.

The reason why I am mentioning lists that need to be checked (at least twice) is simply because my many years within the events industry has taught me that check lists are really valuable and can actually save you a few of those precious marbles.

My love (obsession some might say) for check lists has come in handy during those times when events seem to clutter together. And, let’s face it: They ususally do. At those times, it is really comforting to know that you don’t have to keep all of the tasks, information, and bookings in your head – you can simply check it on your list.

I have different lists according to the event I am planning and how big it is. Some are quite simple, while others are all-encompassing and super complex, but these complex lists are necessary and transform into step by step playbooks for the event.

Tasks on the lists that I use are not ticked off sequentially but rather as information becomes available. And it is a universal truth that for each task you check on your list, ten more are added, which might drive you crazy. At least until the very last minute when everything comes together to form your perfect event.

Among some of the most crazy or micro management-y tasks I have had on my lists are things like ”Who will hold the door IF President XX of country YY decides to go to the bathroom?” (yes, that IS true!), ”Check the flag of ZZ country online” (after having brought the wrong one for an event….you only do that once – and you learn from it J) or ”Buy dried pasta for the master class” (not for eating but for educational purposes). And don’t forget to add the little things to your list (name tags, pens, etc., etc.) as we tend to forget the most obvious when we are in a hurry…and as an event manager, you always are!

What is your secret to checking the list twice?