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Target your audience

Target your audience

Changing jobs got me to think about the difference between target audiences. We all differentiate our marketing efforts to match the target group for the event (don’t we?) and hopefully also the way we design the event.

But have you thought about differentiating the operations of an event to match your audience?

Last week I acted as a runner during an event in my new company (I’ve only been there a little more than a week) and noticed some operational differences between this company’s target audience and that of my previous company (where I worked for more than 7 years, so I got to know the audience quite well).

It is all the little things I’m thinking of – like what kind of food they prefer and how much they eat to how they spend their breaks (checking E-mails, visiting the exhibition stands or networking). I have also experienced firsthand the difference between arrival times for different audiences – do they arrive at the venue last minute or in due time to have a coffee and check out the venue, list of participants, etc.

This knowledge is important in order to schedule staff for the event as well as for ordering the right amount of F & B or setting up that lounge area that the more ‘chatty’ and networking audience would appreciate.

Of course, this practical, operational approach to the event planning is another item on your to do list apart from how and how much you include participant involvement in your event. Because you do include participant involvement…don’t you?!