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Turn the meeting upside down

Turn the meeting upside down

The other day, I met with this fantastic friend I have who used to teach at one of Denmark’s finest universities. We got to talk about how teaching hasn’t changed over the last 50 years or so, and how we still teach 200-300 students at a time in huge auditoriums – not really the way to engage and involve the students, right?

So how come we still do this? When we slowly (quite slowly, unfortunately) are realizing that this teaching method is rather ineffective. When will we modernize teaching – both for the young and the not as young?

I have a suggestion to start with: Why don’t we turn the teaching or meeting upside down? For the teaching, it means that the students should read all the material as well as watch a recording of the lecture at home. Then they can spend valuable time with the professors at the university afterwards having a Q&A and doing group work or have time to reflect upon what they have learned.

For a meeting, we could send the material to the participants beforehand to let them in on all the information in an easy and quick way and then have them use the meeting for discussion and reflection in groups. This way, the participants get the opportunity to ask even more qualified questions to the invited experts and to ‘extract’ as much knowledge as possible. And why not! We might have spent a small fortune having him/her at our meeting.

Of course, when we change our meeting like this, it does ask a lot from us (the event planners). But if we don’t renew our meetings, we will end up falling behind…because change is coming to the meeting industry. I‘m sure of it!

Can you imagine turning your meeting upside down?