What’s your dream?

They say that one man’s dream is another man’s nightmare … and this is also very true for meetings and conferences.

Over time, I have repeatedly experienced how a meeting owner is so consumed with his own idea that he completely forgets the target group: Are they actually interested in this subject; it is really relevant for their lives right now; is it the right meeting design for this group.

And it is rarely a good idea to create an event for your own sake. As meeting owners and meeting designers we have to remember to adjust the meeting to the target group – this goes for the topic and participant involvement among other things (participant involvement must be done matching the target group and not for the sake of the meeting designer simply because he/she thinks it’s cool to develop new, fun activities for involving the participants…I can write much more about this, and eventually I will).

I am well aware of how easy it is to become preoccupied with your own genius! And if you really know what your audience wants, then go for it. But sometimes you need to run the idea by the target group, for example by creating a focus group interview or a quick chat with a few select people from your network who are also in the target group.

In this way you strengthen your participants’ experience, making your event audience focused, and will hopefully get a lot of participants.

What’s your dream?