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Why the ’event’ in EventAnne?

Why the ’event’ in EventAnne?

I sometimes get asked: ”Why did you add the word ’event’ to your name if you are not an event agency?’. If you are Danish, you might understand why I get this question – if not, I will explain it here.

In Denmark, the word ‘event’ has connotations to parties, teambuilding activities and unordinary breaks in a conference program – you can actually meet meeting planners who talk about throwing an event into their conference programs to shake up the audience. In Denmark it is somewhat commonly understood in the industry that an event is of an entertaining and social character. And, in my humble opinion this doesn’t make sense!

What is an event?

Your conference IS an event! And so is your meeting, your party, your corporate teambuilding day, your strategy meeting, your ….well, add the appropriate word yourself. A music festival, a town fair and a theater production at your kid’s school are also events. Because the word ‘event’ merely means a happening of some sort.

Please, bear with me: This blog is not supposed to be a lecture site in the proper use of the English language, but I guess you see the challenge here – what is an event actually, when we talk about it in Danish?

Event = happening

When I get asked why I use the word ‘event’, I always answer that I use the word ‘event’ as the basic English word; ‘a happening’. And. it applies to all the gatherings/happenings/meetings…EVENTS, I design myself or give clients advice about, even though I only advise about business-to-business events like conferences and meetings (not festivals, weddings or sporting events).

This blog post is not to state that it is wrong to design social and entertaining events. We should definitely also include entertaining and networking in our corporate events! This is just to make it clear that the word ‘event’ in Danish is often used in a culturally based way, and that I believe that this use of the word is wrong.

Hence the ‘event’ in EventAnne…it is my little rebellious mark on the Danish meetings and EVENTS industry :o)