About EventAnne

There is no doubt that conferences, meetings and events are my passion! Ask anyone who knows me, and they will say the same. It has always given me an adrenaline rush to run large, intricate events, where the meeting owner and participants leave with a huge smile on their faces.

As the years have passed, I have discovered that I have built a lot of knowledge about designing amazing, experience-based events, that the people I help are incredibly happy with my help, and that my knowledge is needed in organizations and companies. Since I also love to share this knowledge, it makes sense to elevate meeting planners to new heights.

Today, I get a kick out of teaching and speaking to meeting planners in every sense – all of you who are out there planning company days, conferences, sales courses, introduction days, workshops, strategy meetings, and anything else in the meetings and events sphere. And I share the ups and downs that my students experience in their work – and of course get ecstatic when they get this kick out of creating an event which I know so well.

Over time, I have experienced a bit of everything when it comes to conferences, meetings and events … the good, the bad and the really fun stuff! I know what life is like in the business events industry and coach meeting planners who need a sparring partner for all the questions and challenges that arise in our event life, or help finding tools and inspiration to overcome the challenges.

I specialize in two areas:

  1. in experience-based conferences, ie. professional conferences, where participants receive optimal learning and networking, because we have ensured the best experiential conditions for it
  2. in conferences and large events for member organizations – I have spent the vast majority of my working years in various member organizations and understand the difference between members and customers and the advantages and disadvantages this brings

But my tools and frameworks can be used for the planning of any kind of business event, whether it be courses in a sales company, festivals or company parties.

How can I help you?

The facts

EventAnne is Anne Dalgaard – Experience Design Strategist with more than 20 years of experience developing and designing all kinds of conferences, meetings and events. I am specialized in experience design for the MICE industry (conferences, meetings and events for the B2B segment) … and passionate about designing truly immersive events!

I help my clients design effective events based on experience design – events that engage, inspire and stand out from the next.

The formalities

  • Founder, EventAnne
  • Senior Event Manager, Green Hat People
  • Lecturer, IBC Kolding
  • Member, MPI’s European Advisory Council
  • President, MPI Scandinavia
  • Event Portfolio Manager, The Danish Society of Engineers
  • Event Designer, The Confederation of Danish Industry

Education (excerpt):

  • Event Design Canvas, Level 1, Event Design Collective
  • Silent co-creation, Bastian Overgaard
  • AP Degree in Experience Management, CPH Business
  • Certificate in Meeting Management – the MICE industry’s take on an MBA, MPI

You can read more about me and see my entire resume on my LinkedIn profile.

The fun

  • Coffee? Yes, please. Flat white on whole milk, thank you.
  • Pets: One big orange tabby male Maine Coon Cat
  • Quirkyness: I collect sheep (the stuffed animal kind, not the farm version!)

The former

When I was a young girl, I was certain I was going to work in a hotel. But fate interfered, and I ended up working in an office that led me to a job in the Confederation of Danish Industry. From here, I discovered meeting planning and later the meetings and events industry and my peers, and the rest is history!