Expert in meetings, conferences and events

Consultancy on Event Strategy

Meetings, conferences and events are part of your branding and as such they should be part of your organizational strategy. This way they will add value to your business … and your event attendees.

We work together to improve your event strategy and establish a curated connection between event, message and brand to secure return on investment from your event portfolio.

It is imperative to have a clear vision for your events – a vision that permeates throughout the organization – and I help you develop concepts that ensure coherence and are sustainable. We do not work on the individual event but at your entire event portfolio.

Our cooperation

We work together in a five-stage process. During the stages, both your management and employees will be involved – because even though the new concepts aren’t implemented until stage five, we need acceptance from all stakeholders of the organization, otherwise the implementation will not succeed!

Throughout the process, we work on topics like objectives, goals, allocation of resources, competencies, experience design and communication – and many more.

The process is this (in short):

We clarify your needs – what would you like to obtainI audit your current strategy – what does your current strategy focus onWe look at opportunities for development – what can you do in the futureWe co-create a plan – how will you continue your work on the strategyWe implement the new concepts – how will you turn theory into practice

Other ways of cooperating

I also act as a ”Conference Mystery Shopper” and do audits of conferences and events.           


My fee depends on the assignment. Please contact me for a free quote – no strings attached.