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Effective workshops

You are already planning great meetings and events, but together we can optimize them through workshops and classes that are customized to your company. The individual workshop is designed to match your employees, and we develop methods and processes that align with your events and objectives.

We work from a process design where the focus of the event is the participants’ immersion – an immersion based on the objectives of the event and the five experience elements. As your participants immerse themselves in your event, we can lay the ground for behavioral changes that extend beyond the event and support your corporate strategy.

A workshop consists of:

  • tools to bring your events to the strategic level
  • education in the five experience elements
  • involving assignments
  • the possibility for you to work on your own events during the workshop or class

My teaching provides you with inspiration and tools to continue your work on events after the workshop or class and not a checklist or list of ideas. Events have to be current and follow trends, and what is interesting and exciting right now might be ‘so last season’ next month – so it is impossible to deliver the ‘list above all lists’.

Workshops and classes are only taught offline but can be in either Danish or English.


4-hour workshop (with a maximum of 20 attendees): DKK 15,000 + Danish VAT and transportation and accommodation expenses (if applicable)
7-hour workshop (with a maximum of 20 attendees): DKK 22,000 + Danish VAT and transportation and accommodation expenses (if applicable)

Please contact me for a free quote – no strings attached – on a workshop or class designed specifically for your company. This could include an evaluation of your current events, reports, several workshops, follow-up meetings etc.